Photographs are a gift to ourselves. The promise of preserving a feeling - a moment - that can be profoundly touching. The ability to transport you back in time. Each capture, a significant memory made tangible.

documenting The moments that become memories

I am passionate about seeing the world and experiencing cultures abroad, exploring untold stories through the language of photography. This emotionally and creatively resorative calling has carried me throughout the world filling me with awe and gratitude at every turn. 

This endeavor would not be possible without the unshakeable love and generous support of my family and community. Enveloped in love, I call the Florida coast home alongside my beloved husband and our beautiful daughter. Always keeping things interesting are our two affable french bulldogs.

Collectively, all of these things give purpose to my artistry, shape my perspective, and bring joy to life. 

Meet the artist

Times and trends are everchanging but my intention is clear: to approach your story with sincerity and create photographs that matter.

At the heart of my work lies a deeply rooted desire to create art with and for new friends. To make you feel good while creating something tangible that will carry that feeling forever. 

Understanding your story - the seemingly random details that collide to create one undeniable truth - is what influences my approach. The unmistakable gravitational pull of editorial images. The sweeping movement and raw emotion captured by the quiet documentarian. Crisp structure, informed guidance, and striking depth. Freedom to give yourself to the moment. A dual respect for technique and spontaneity blended intuitively to match the tone, energy, and feel of your love. From intimate gatherings to full wedding weekends, each experience is crafted to capture your story honestly and beautifully. 

LAUREN'S Approach

Travel, art, and connection.
The pursuit - and delivery -of the experience.