Belle Isle Editorial

Patina inspired poise creates an opportunity to play— an exploration of artist expression at a Neoclassical residence on Detroit’s Belle Isle.

Downtown Detroit

Calligraphy: Plume
Stationery: Erin Braun Design
Florals: Katie Wachowiak
MUAH: Kyle Ann Design

Our greatest works of art often unfold when we lean into an opportunity to explore our creative freedom. What started as a fashion-focussed bridal session fast became a discovery of artistic expression when I was left greatly inspired by the components of this editorial. 

Exquisite blooms of chartreuse green and soft lilac by floral designer Kate Wachowski served as the foundation for the concept. Together with the rawness of the venue and the natural beauty of our Bride, everything aligned organically to create something spectacular. 

One of Belle Isle’s treasures in the heart of downtown Detroit, the Neoclassical mansion sits amid urban sprawl on an island oasis. Its patinated architecture spoke of former times, encouraging me to seek moments of ethereal movement, grace, and poise in every frame. It was a chance to make the imperfect shine and to create something beautiful amid the ashes of a Renaissance-inspired relic.

Eloquent and intentional photography 
for your once-in-a-lifetime interlude.