Kaiya Editorial

An exclusive editorial at Florida’s Kaiya Beach Resort, journaling the moments of solitude and sweetness that transpire in the first few days of uninterrupted wedded bliss.

Kaiya Beach, Florida

Styling: Linda Ha Lee
Floral: Myrtie Blue
MUAH: Lanna Curry
Her crop top and shorts: Vintage Betsy Johnson
His Linen Suit: JCrew, Mango
Sweater: Prada
Sunglasses: TOL
Her swim: Maygel Coronel
Her dress: Anna October
Earrings: Yves St. Laurent
Accessories: Cult Gaia

As a photographer I’ve often wondered why my work should cease with cake cutting or sparkler send-offs when the first few weeks of wedded bliss are an untapped resource of sincere magic. The euphoria of a fine celebration is at the forefront of a couple’s thoughts, soon followed by a tenderness and togetherness that surfaces as the high subsides. In the wake of a wedding crescendo that involved so many others is a chance to simply be— and in doing so— begin to discover harmony as husband and wife. 
Conceptualized and captured as though to observe newlyweds during the first few days of their honeymoon, this editorial imagined then brought to life simple adventures a couple might embark upon together for the first time as one. The rolling sand dunes and dazzling white architecture of the secluded Kaiya Beach Resort set the tone for a relaxed yet fashion-forward photo opportunity that saw our subjects enjoy the beauty of the location— as well as one another’s company. 

Eloquent and intentional photography 
for your once-in-a-lifetime interlude.