Caroline & Henry

The Chapel at Seaside

Planning & Design: Shelby Peaden

As the home of many cherished memories, the idyllic, picturesque village of Seaside was the quintessential setting for Caroline & Henry to honor their families and celebrate their garden wedding.

After meeting via a dating app, serendipity would ultimately bring their virtual connection together. Their paths would cross at a mutual friend’s birthday bash, fortuitously sharing the same social circle. From that moment forth, Caroline and Henry’s lives harmoniously converged, kindling an enduring bond that continues to blossom to this day. 

The Chapel provided the desired effect of an understated celebration of their union, followed by an elegant garden party reception under the gentle, billowing breezes of a sailcloth tent on the lawn.

The couple opted for a space allowing them to reconnect with friends; long, family style tables paired with opulent settings of moss green linens, light hewn chairs and finished with vibrant floral centerpieces set the scene for hours of conversation over candlelight. Lush vines intertwined between the wicker lanterns over the dance floor saw guests revel in each other's company, complimented by the warm sunset glow over the Gulf of Mexico.





"I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Lauren Kinsey on several projects and high-end weddings over the years.

Without fail, she has always demonstrated an unparalleled level of artistry & professionalism. Her ability to capture the essence of opulence and romance through the lens of a camera is truly remarkable.

Her dedication to delivering an exceptional client experience, combined with an attentive approach, makes her an invaluable asset to the wedding team."

- Shelby Peaden -
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