cape cod, massachusetts

martha's vineyard

With a blend of anticipation and deep affection, Brian meticulously planned this day, recognizing how Martha's Vineyard's natural beauty would amplify the significance of this moment. The coastal walk was accompanied by the salty scent of wildflowers, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere. Halting their steps, Eliza's heart raced as Brian knelt, unveiling a small box containing a ring that glistened in the fading light. Brian gently slid the ring onto her finger, symbolizing their shared journey ahead. In that heartfelt moment, time seemed to pause, enveloping them in a profound sense of joy and unity. I eagerly look forward to celebrating their union on the island of Corfu, Greece, as they pledge their eternal commitment to each other.

a love note

"Blown away" would be an understatement to the art Lauren curated  for our surprise engagement. When you book with this amazing team, you receive a meticulously crafted cinematic approach that goes beyond the apparent. If you have the privilege of working with Lauren behind the lens — do it — you will absolutely not be disappointed. From the moment we met Lauren, we knew it would be a lifelong partnership (now friendship)! We cannot wait to have her capture the special milestones in our lives. 

— Eliza & Brian