Immortalizing the truth and beauty of your wedding begins with unveiling  your story — the journey you shared together in reaching this day is the foundation of my photographs, and the very core of this extraordinary interlude.

It’s knowing that the wedding date holds a subtle significance.

That the tear swept away in haste is remarkably rare. 

That the thoughtful gesture at each place setting is a nod to a time past.

The gentle embrace of a loved one who came to celebrate you, and the remembrance of one who couldn't.

From the first glass raised with excited anticipation to the last soulful song that fills the dance floor, your union is a landmark life event that’s distinctly yours. 

Your wedding is a consequential chapter in life’s storybook.
Honor it with imagery that rekindles the experience and the emotion.

Recall every moment through photographs that embody your story, ingrained at the heart of each image.

When the falling leaves of autumn frame a ceremonial kiss. 
When the fading light of day illuminates a joyful toast. 
Reconnecting with friends over the soft glow of candles.

These are the moments when magic unfolds before my lens. But the artful, emotive captures that have become synonymous with the weddings are not only about the serendipitous correlation of light, composition, and color. 

It's about entrusting me to capture an emotion and having confidence to be the truest version of yourself.

Discover visuals which transcend the ordinary and define a feeling

Understanding who you are and your future aspirations forms the bedrock of our connection. It's delightful to acquaint myself with the individuals who will play pivotal roles—a crucial step in capturing the nuances and emotions of your wedding day. 

We will delve into your existing plans and your envisioned celebration. A customized proposal aligning with your preferences will be presented, along with the necessary steps to officially secure my services for your events.

01. Consult

Crafting an unforgettable wedding demands meticulous preparation and a cohesive vendor team. Understanding the logistics of an event yields a harmonious blend of curated details, elegant portraiture, and the covetable, candid moments.

I am dedicated to supporting and maintaining open communication with you and/or your planner. Midway through your engagement season, we will review your mood board, overall design aesthetic, preferred image style, and explore what makes you feel most at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Finally, we'll carefully refine the overall timeline down to the minute, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

02. Coordinate

Several days prior to your wedding, we will location scout and evaluate the lighting at various times of the day, formulating a plan for every orchestrated and spontaneous moment. By the time your wedding day unfolds, I am not only well-versed in the logistical execution of your event, but also intimately acquainted with your unique story.

Throughout the day, each photograph is approached with a deliberate vision. Relax and revel in the joy of this interlude, knowing that the meaningful moments captured today will evolve into cherished memories that resonate with you tomorrow.

03. Capture

Your day endures long after the festivities fade from memory. Rediscovering the value in tangible traditions, such as albums and prints, offers the opportunity to hold, admire, and cherish these mementos for years to come.

Your fine art wedding album boasts museum-grade printing and luxurious cover materials. Each page serves as a gateway to reliving the emotion. This optional inclusion ensures a white-glove album design and a seamless ordering process—and soon after your wedding, you'll have the privilege of holding this masterpiece in your hands (and hearts) for a lifetime.

04. Create

My approach & Your experience

“I can't emphasize enough how incredible the experience was. From our early conversations in planning to meeting Lauren in person - her kind soul, professionalism, and pure talent shone through.

When I saw our photos, they quite literally took my breath away. Each one was a work of art, perfectly capturing the bond between my fiancé and me.

Working with Lauren was an absolute dream."

- Taylor & Mitchell -

Possessing a meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to crafting enduring memories, I specialize in creating visual stories that capture the distinctive love shared by every couple.

Whether it's the intimacy of quiet moments or the grandeur of celebrations, my objective is to artfully document your wedding day with unparalleled skill and sophistication. The energy, the overwhelm, the joy, the bittersweet — I'm here for it all. 

I accept only a limited number of weddings each year. If you're seeking a photographer who aligns with your vision, feel free to reach out. Let's explore the possibility of creating together.

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