Enduring photography rooted in authentic connection

Honest kinship, artful keepsakes

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Inspired by the endurance and sentimentality of her craft, Lauren Kinsey is a fine-art photographer whose eloquent imagery arises from genuine affinity. Her reverence for harmonious relationships— before and beyond her lens, imparts a relaxed yet refined wedding day experience, where beauty so happens to be a byproduct of her bond— and yours.

Discover poetic recollections that convey the beauty of our present, for how we wish to remember our past in the days that lie ahead.

For artist and acquaintance — Lauren Kinsey, there is more to photographing a wedding than meets the eye. Immortalizing the true beauty of an occasion surpasses simply seeing, it’s about articulating the effusive emotion that characterizes your celebration. Imagery that conveys the facade and the feeling, however, demands an artistic eye— and a benevolent heart.

“A visual artist is inspired to illustrate the beauty they behold. The difference between a photograph that simply portrays a picture and one that preserves a memory, however, is the artist’s ability to see beyond the perceivable.”

Capturing images and

For over a decade I’ve been entrusted with creating keepsakes for couples that connect with one another— and with me. Witnessing and recording the evanescent beauty of our present day for our posterity is the core purpose of my craft, and despite the passing of time and trends my intention remains unchanged. 

I believe that your photographs should be a poetic portrayal of your story; an artistic expression impossible to articulate in words that gives voice to a memory for generations to come.



Kind Words from past Clients


"Lauren, she’s an enigmatic presence… she was so loving and engaged in every moment of our wedding. The finished gallery was beyond anything I could have ever imagined."


"Lauren’s work is like poetry in motion. Incredibly kind, unwaveringly patient and thoughtful in her approach, she has every part handled and well organized. On our wedding day, she arrived early, stayed until the last glass of champagne, and I never once worried about her- I knew my images would be breathtaking, and they were."

Danielle & Ryan

“Working with Lauren was a dream come true. She made us feel so at home— it was as though she was part of our family. She captured some of the most amazing photos we have ever seen. The pictures turned out better than we could of asked for and her professionalism and that of her team was top notch.”

With a profound understanding of illustrating aesthetics and emotion, Lauren’s artistic captures are far from coincidental. Since embarking upon her creative career journey in 2009, her passion for photographic art has arisen from authentic connection. Whether it’s a discreet glance of affection shared between newlyweds across a jubilant crowd, or the heartfelt embrace of a prideful parent, the beauty and sincerity of real relationships continue to inspire this intuitive wallflower, who pours her heart and soul into building bonds. 

Connection is the pinnacle of creation